Filling the leadership gap by helping mentors make an impact

For Moms

Are you raising a son? Unsure how to make a man out of him? Get expert advice, tools, and strategy for moms who desire to raise great men. The Mom's Coach helps you FILL THE LEADERSHIP GAP.

For Your Son

Mentoring is the art form that turns boys into men. Without it, they get older but not wiser. Help your son overcome obstacles and become the man he was created to be. Get mentoring for your son.

For Mentors

Want to make an impact in someone’s life and leave a legacy for generations to come? Learn how mentoring is the most powerful world changing tool God created and how you can make an impact.

For Churches

The church faces unique challenges creating the next generation of leaders from the growing number of fatherless boys. Understand what the church can do to combat the effects of fatherlessness.